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About Us

Thank you for finding was created to provide a resource for: parents, teachers, child care providers, and just kids in general a place to come to find fun and entertaining activities…for free! We encourage children to have fun and be creative with crafts and activities because we believe that is the best way to learn!

How to Use the Crazy4Planes site

Below you can read the "non-legal" verbage version, telling how to use our site - [Click Here] : to see the detailed Terms and Conditions "legal version". is intended to be used as a resource site by parents, students, and early child development educators such as moms, dads, teachers, schools, churches, daycares, and students!

Uses of this material do not include the acquisition / formatting and sale of any of the materials in any venue, or inclusion of it in any package or collection.

You may print as many copies as you need for personal usage and educational purposes, and you are encouraged to include a mention of the website, on your church or school website.

Please do not copy any of the content onto your local hard disk or any other website (always print originals from the website).

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Have Fun, Learn, ...and come back often !!

Give Us Your Feedback

Crazy4Planes welcomes your input and feedback. We want to make our site a place you want to return to often, and would recommend to your friends, other parents, and other childcare or education professionals.

Perhaps you have an idea, or have in mind some specific content that you would like to see on our site? Perhaps you want to send us some drawings or learning material that you created and want to share with other moms or education professionals?

If you would like to send us input by Email you can click on the following link and your computer will open YOUR mail client with our address in the Send to: of the email. Just type out your message to us and hit send and your computer will send us your input!

E-Mail Link button BELOW: is built by parents for parents (educators and caregivers), we are always open to suggestions! Come back often and drop us a line to let us know if you like what you see!