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Cessna 188 - AGwagon, AGpickup, AGtruck and AGhusky, and finally a modification called AGcarryall


In the early 1960s Cessna decided to expand their already wide line of light aircraft by entering the agricultural aircraft market. The resulting aircraft (the Cessna 188) borrowed heavily from the Cessna 180, the initial version using the same tail cone and fin structure as well as the same Continental O-470-R 230hp (170kW) powerplant. The Cessna 188 was first flown on 19 February 1965 and certified and entered production in February 1966.

The initial design of the Cessna 188 was so successful that over its 17-year production run a total of 3967 Cessna 188s of all four variants were sold. Cessna 188s are still in demand for use in agricultural applications, firefighting and for glider and banner towing. The 188 is valued for its simplicity and ease of maintenance, along with reliable parts availability.

Cessna 188 AGwagon